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What is NextTime, and what are we about? We're not sure.
For now you can visit the pages of the NextTime residents, or take a look at a few of the useful or amusing pages we host or otherwise assist. If you're interested, you can even read The Story Behind NextTime.

News: (18 May 03) Everything has been moved to the new Maybe/Perhaps server pair. The old maybe is lying disconnected on the floor right now. I'll keep it around for a week or so before firing up DBAN and then parting it out.
We're now using a brand new mailer configuration. If you had previously been able to send mail to any of our domains (those with listed as a Mail eXchanger, or MX record), and now it's bouncing, let us know. postmaster at would be a good contact point. If you're trying to send mail from an unresolvable (fake) address, it's not going to work. That is quite intentional; get a real address.

(05 May 03) DNS and web are on the new servers. Did you notice?

(14 Apr 03) No, really, we're still alive.
I'm just in the middle of finally fixing our 20-some months of real brokenness here. Once everything is working properly with the new routers, firewalls, and switches, I can get the new servers on line. Yay!

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